Movie : Solar Eclipse : Depth Of Darkness

Shooting Loction : Colombo,Sri Lanka

Production Company : Nugen Media

It was great experience working as VFX Supervisor on the set of Solar Eclipse movie.It had the  experienced cast and crew.

Director                           : Karim Traidia,Carl Ciarfalio,Pankaj Sehgal,
Director of Photography :  Tim Angulo - Ajayan Vincent

I was hired by Nugen media as VFX Supervisor.Most of the major VFX Sequences was discussed and Pre-planned before the shoot.Location Recce along with the team before the shoot was very helpful to decide on the VFX Shoot Plan.

It was great pleasure working with DOP Tim and Ajayan Vincent.Tims Previous experience in VFX was really helpful to take the right decision on set during VFX centric Scenes.This Journey was really helpful to learn and implement new techniques and to upgrade myself in VFX Business.

As a VFX Supevisor we need the support of other departments on set from Direction ,Art,Costume,Sound ,Ligting and Production crew (Asian Film Location Services).Solar Eclipse Team understood the VFX requirement and helped us accordingly wherever possible,like

                                              1.Avoiding costume color based on Chroma
                                              2.Uniform Lighting on Chroma
                                              3.Chroma Setup based on Location etc.
                                              4.Shot breakdown from Tim
                                              5.Boom avoidance - Thanks to Sound recordist Anil

Even though there are lots of things which should have been organised in better way from production as a team its was fun to reach the wrap point.

It was great experience working with DOP Tim Angulo.Very friendly person on set.Learnt a lot from him.Always available to share his knowledge / experience.

 Very much honoured to work with choreographer Saroj Khan ,actor Stephen Lang and Mark Moses.

Would like to Thank Dr.Moobi Alwright and Pankaj Sehgal who gave me this opportunity to be part of this  Production.

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  1. Good to see this. Congratz Prakash!!!